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C&O Companion - James Menzies

The C&O Companion iPhone App

Announcing the C&O Companion App for iPhone! Now you can carry on your iPhone the information and maps found on the Canal web site. Just sync before you head out, and there is no need for data connection when on the trail. Perfect for areas that have spotty cell coverage. Also, the app can help foreign visitor's avoid expensive data roaming charges.

Main Screen

While on the trail, the Companion will keep track of your current location. The green arrow shows your relative position on the trail. Just swipe left on "Your Current Location:" to bring up a more detailed map of your present location.

Swipe right on the info box below to display nearby amenities, or your next destination. Swipe left to bring up additional information.

Hungry? Tired? You can quickly pull up a list items from one of the buttons near the bottom.

In the event of an emergency, slide the button at the bottom to pull up additional information and phone contacts.

List Screen

The lists allow you to display by categories. Each entry identifies the nearest C&O milepost, and the direct distance from your current location (as the bird flies). You can also search through the listings.

Click on any item to bring up additional information, such as phone contact and web site. From this screen, you can select any item as your next destination. The distance to your next destination will be updated on the main screen

Map Screen

The Companion also comes with self contained maps detailing the entire trail, so a data connection is not required when in the park. You can zoom (double-tap) for more detail. Swipe left and right to display adjoining maps.

Also, your position and items of interest are displayed on the maps.

List Screen

Finally, should misfortune run into you along the trail, you can pull up the Emergency page with a quick swipe from the main screen. This page will display you current location (both Latitude/Longitude and Milepost), and the nearest access points to your current position. This way, you don't need to guess which direction to head for help.

This page also provides single button dialing for the Park Emergency number or 911

The C&O Companion is now available for sale from the iTunes App Store. You can also purchase it directly on your phone using the App Store application. Simply search for "C&O" on your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

For questions or technical help, send me an email.