Little Fletcher - Cue List

MileDelta Direction
0.00.0L Start- Leave Fletchers Boathouse using paved Capital Crescent Trail
5.05.0R Bethesda Ave (at CCT trail end)
5.10.1L Georgetown Branch Trail (after )
6.51.4X Connecticut Ave
7.10.6L Jones Mill Road (crossing at )
8.11.0L Beach Drive, immediately after passing under I-495
9.41.3X Connecticut Ave
10.00.6X Cedar Lane
12.92.9R Garrett Park Road
13.00.1L Rock Creek Bike Trail (at CrossWalk)
14.51.5X Randolph Road - remain on trail
14.80.3BL Cross footbridge over creek (at Water Fountain)
14.80.0R to remain on main trail (hill)
15.60.8XO bridge - remain on trail
16.30.7X Veirs Mill Rd
becomes Aspen Hill Rd
16.30.0L Adrian Street
16.40.1R Baltic Ave
MileDelta Direction
16.50.1L Enter Parking Lot - rejoin trail at other side of lot
18.01.5!X Baltimore Road - CAUTION
18.30.3XU Route 28 - Norbeck Rd
19.20.9X Avery Road
19.50.3L Southlawn Lane (HILL)
20.51.0R Gude Drive
Optional sidepath on opposite side of street (GLASS!)
21.91.4X Route 355 remain on Gude
23.51.6R Key West Ave (Route 28)
23.90.4L Shady Grove Rd
24.70.8X Darnestown Rd
26.21.5S Becomes Piney Meetinghouse Road at
30.03.8R River Road
30.50.5L Swains Lock Road (at Mailbox)
CAUTION: Steep Down Hill
30.80.3L C&O Towpath
33.62.8 Optional bike detour - use stairs
NOTE: If you remain on the towpath, expect to carry your bike for about 200 yards
35.21.6 Detour rejoins towpath
44.39.1R Finish - Fletchers Boathouse

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