Map of Northern Rock Creek Trail in Maryland

The Northern Rock Creek Trail is probably the nicest section of the trail. The northern trail head begins at the parking lot just south of the Lake Needwood Boathouse. Lake Needwood Regional Park has many family oriented activities including boat rentals, picnic tables, playgrounds and hiking trails. Nearby Lake Frank is more rustic, but it has some very nice hiking trails.

The trail is in pretty good shape along this section. It is a bit wider and straighter than the southern sections. It is also the most heavily wooded section of the trail, which makes it very scenic but susceptible to more trail debris.

There are two treacherous road crossing along this section. Use caution at Southlawn Lane and Baltimore Road. Also, be aware that the footbridges are very slippery when wet.

If you are trying to get to the Rockville area, then I suggest using Southlawn Drive. This is the last road crossing prior to the trail end. Following Southlawn west will take you to E Gude Drive, which is planned to become part of Rockville's Bicycle Beltway. However, be advised that E Gude is currently in pretty bad shape. I normally use the debris covered sidpath over the roadway.

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