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It is hard to believe that you can find free parking this close to the main tourist sites. Because of the isolated location and long walking distance, there is often little competition for parking spots out here on the peninsula. Yet, it is a very easy bicycle ride from here up to the National Mall area.

Parking spaces are easier to locate the farther down the peninsula you drive. Although most locations require you to test your parallel parking skills, there are a few pull-in spot located down near the tip of the peninsula. Once parked, use Ohio Drive to bicycle back up toward the National Mall. Note that the little motor traffic out here on the peninsula generally keeps under 20 mph, so there are no worries sharing the road. Once closer to the busy downtown areas, you'll have traffic free bicycle options.

1. Follow Ohio Drive: After locating a parking space, head toward the Washington Monument. Eventually, Ohio Drive will end at the intersection with Basin Drive.

2. Right on Basin: Use the crosswalk to cross Basin Drive. Then, continue counter clockwise around the Tidan Basin using the sidewalk.

3. Right on Wallenberg: Bear right onto Raoul Wallenberg Place, continuing on the sidewalk. In one block, you will be on the National Mall.

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