One of the best ways to explore downtown Washington DC is by using a bicycle to get around. However, visitors are often concerned about where to park their cars while exploring the city. This page identifies a number of convenient (and free) parking locations that are easy to reach by car, and provide a casual bike route into town suitable for novice cyclists.

It should be pointed out that parking areas closer to downtown often limit the number of hours that you can park. This is mainly intended to discourage commuter use of these lots, so these limits are rarely enforced on weekends and afternoons. However, the closer-in lots do fill up quickly on nice weekend mornings. Unless noted, most locations do not permit overnight parking.

Mileage indicates the ONE WAY distance to the Washington Monument by bicycle.

A) East Potomac Park
  - All day parking
B) Gravelly Point
  - 3 hour limit
C) Theodore Roosevelt Island
  - 3 hour limit
D) Washington Sailing Marina
E) Clara Barton Parkway
  - Difficult access during weekday evening rush hour
F) Belle Haven Marina
G) Carderock Recreation Area
  - Overnight Parking allowed with permission

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