The C&O Towpath Biking Guide can now travel with you on your Personal Digital Assistant, Cell Phone, or GPS unit! These special "stripped down" sections provide all the same Point of Interest information found on the main site. However, they have been specially formatted to fit the smaller screens found on Palm and WinCE device.

Download: GPS Waypoints
(in GPX format)
GPS Units: You can download the coordinates of many points of interest into your personal GPS unit. Simply download this GPX file, and you should be able to load the coordinates using the software that came with your GPS Unit. If your software does not support GPX format, then try a freeware program, like Easy GPS.

Preview: Mobile Pages;
PDA/Phones: To use the PDA guide, you might first need to install a mobile web viewer application on your PDA. One good suggestion is Avantgo. Once the web application is installed, simply point it at this "easy to remember" <grin> link:

For those creating an Avantgo Channel, I recommend these settings: