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People often ask, "How do I get to the start?" or "How to I get back when I finish?". You could try to convince a friend or relative to give you a lift, but that will use up a lot of favors! (It's a nearly five hour round trip drive). Here are some other ideals:


There are some shuttle services between the trailheads. However, be forewarned! These services are often reliable, but not always. My experience is that these services typically start off very well, but eventually begin to fade (i.e. stop answering phone calls, miss pickups, charge more than advertised price). To avoid problems, be sure to confirm price ahead of time (in writing). Expect to pay a deposit, but avoid pre-payment in full. Also, please keep me advised of BOTH positive and negative experiences. You may also check with the National Park Service for other options.


These groups offer full service bike tour packages in the Potomac Valley. Note that they may contract with one of the shuttle companies listed above.

Car Rentals

Hertz Rental Car Locations
Wayne's Citgo Station
322 South Centre Street
Cumberland, MD
301 722 2522
901 11th St. NW
Washington DC
202 628 6174
Truck Rentals Train